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supportAt Doctor Multimedia, customer service is our #1 priority. We believe that every client of ours deserves direct, individualized attention to their practice’s needs, and that’s exactly what we strive for.

Whether you have changes to your website, social media requests, or if you just want to talk about your web presence, Doctor Multimedia is there for you 24 hours a day. And we really mean that, your calls and emails will always be responded to promptly, even after normal business hours are long over. There is no other veterinary marketing company out there that can offer the same level of customer service, and we take pride in that.

Your website and social media are extensions of your clinic, so you should always feel like you are in control of them. So many veterinarians feel like their websites are out of their hands, and they have to jump through hoops to make the changes and edits they want. Our customer service gives you back that control.

We hang our hats on customer service because we realize how important our customers are. Don’t waste your time with companies that sign you up and never talk to you again. Doctor Multimedia stays engaged with our clients and always opens the line of communication so that you feel your needs are being taken care of.

Call us today at 1-800-605-6987 to learn more about our unparalleled customer service and what Doctor Multimedia can do for your practice.

AJ Thakore
AJ Thakore
AJ Thakore is the founder and CEO of Doctor Multimedia and Local Clicks, two leading digital marketing agencies.Having grown up around doctors, AJ developed a unique understanding of what medical professionals need to help them run their practice and their business. AJ turned that expertise into Doctor Multimedia, the leading digital marketing agency in the medical industry. AJ helps doctors and practice owners navigate the digital marketing landscape, helping them market their business in areas they have little understanding or training.AJ's passion for digital marketing turned into Doctor Multimedia around 2009, when he helped a friend market his medical practice in the Las Vegas area. The success of AJ's digital marketing plans and the instant results attracted practice owners from all over the country. AJ has guided Doctor Multimedia from one client to a full fledged digital marketing agency that helps thousands of practices daily.

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