First Impressions are Everything

drkasselscreenshotThat’s pretty good advice for any industry, and it applies just the same to dental health professionals. You want your front desk and reception staff to welcome patients in a professional and friendly manner, so why aren’t the same principles applied to your clinic’s online presence? Many potential new patients are finding your dental practice online, are you making a good first impression?

One thing you can do is make sure you have quality cover photos and profile pictures for all your social media pages, one of the most common ways for a new patient to find a dentist. If your clinic’s social media pages appear unprofessional, what are potential patients to think about your services?

A cover photo or profile picture can be so much more than just a first impression too. Use that internet “real estate” to inform patients about essential information: where you are located, how to contact you, etc. You can even use this space to promote products or services relevant to your clientele!

If you want to know how Doctor Multimedia can help your clinic dominate the realm of social media, contact us at 1-800-679-0554 or email [email protected] .

AJ Thakore
AJ Thakore
AJ Thakore is the founder and CEO of Doctor Multimedia and Local Clicks, two leading digital marketing agencies.Having grown up around doctors, AJ developed a unique understanding of what medical professionals need to help them run their practice and their business. AJ turned that expertise into Doctor Multimedia, the leading digital marketing agency in the medical industry. AJ helps doctors and practice owners navigate the digital marketing landscape, helping them market their business in areas they have little understanding or training.AJ's passion for digital marketing turned into Doctor Multimedia around 2009, when he helped a friend market his medical practice in the Las Vegas area. The success of AJ's digital marketing plans and the instant results attracted practice owners from all over the country. AJ has guided Doctor Multimedia from one client to a full fledged digital marketing agency that helps thousands of practices daily.

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