Integrating with Demandforce

screen2There’s a lot more to having a great website than making it look nice. It needs to be functional as well, and provide your clients with real tools to enhance their experience with your veterinary hospital. One of the ways we accomplish this is by integrating third party platforms, such as Demandforce.

Integrating with Demandforce allows us to provide our clients with professional, easy to use Appointment Request forms that allows people to connect with your front desk via their computers. The Easy Scheduler Widget is simple and elegantly designed, and connects clients to your front desk, even after hours.

For clients that are busy during the day or are not able to call in, this is a tool that saves them time and effort. And best of all, it lightens the burden on your front desk employees so they have more time to fulfill all their responsibilities.

The Appointment Request form sends directly to your hospital’s email account with all of the client and pet’s vital information. And don’t worry, no appointments are set until you confirm them with the client, so there is no chance of overbooking or other scheduling problems.

mobile2This feature goes a step further, offering mobile device compatibility as well. Clients can go to your website from their mobile device, and within a few taps of the finger they can send an appointment request. This gives your clients access to your clinic no matter where they are.

To see a live version of the Demandforce Appointment Request form, click here.

Another way to provide clients with useful web resources is through integrating with Demandforce’s online review software. Demandforce does the work of collecting reviews from your clients and then pushes them directly to your website. They have strict takedown policies, assuring that only the reviews you want to be seen are displayed.

Whenever a review is posted, it automatically gets posted on your website AND your mobile site, once the review has been certified by Demandforce. This is a simple and easy way to not only collect reviews, but share them with potential new clients may be looking for veterinary care. To see a live version of a Demandforce reviews page, click here.

There are many more ways to enhance your client’s experience through your website. Call Doctor Multimedia today at 1-800-605-6987 to learn more.

AJ Thakore
AJ Thakore
AJ Thakore is the founder and CEO of Doctor Multimedia and Local Clicks, two leading digital marketing agencies.Having grown up around doctors, AJ developed a unique understanding of what medical professionals need to help them run their practice and their business. AJ turned that expertise into Doctor Multimedia, the leading digital marketing agency in the medical industry. AJ helps doctors and practice owners navigate the digital marketing landscape, helping them market their business in areas they have little understanding or training.AJ's passion for digital marketing turned into Doctor Multimedia around 2009, when he helped a friend market his medical practice in the Las Vegas area. The success of AJ's digital marketing plans and the instant results attracted practice owners from all over the country. AJ has guided Doctor Multimedia from one client to a full fledged digital marketing agency that helps thousands of practices daily.

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