Online Review Generation

Even the best doctor
can get a bad review

One patient’s bad review can tarnish a great practice’s reputation, and doctors can feel overwhelmed by the number of different online review sites out there.

Doctor Multimedia solves the problem of online reviews with our powerful Review Tracker.


Get notified of new reviews

Receive email notifications when a review of your practice is posted on any of over 50 different review sites.

You can respond to bad reviews immediately instead of letting them go unnoticed. And you will always be aware of what patients thought of their visit to your practice.


A simple, powerful dashboard

Our online review dashboard shows you insights on all of your practice’s reviews across every major review site, while also allowing you to directly respond to reviews and members on those websites.

You can learn where your reviews are coming from, track them over time, and be aware of your aggregate reputation score to see where your practice’s online reputation ranks.



Get reports customized for your practice that encompass everything you need to know about your online reviews.

We take the raw data and put it in a simple, visual format so that you can easily see the health and progress of all your practice’s online reputation.


Have an issue? We can fix it.

Our software is easy to use, but we provide client support for any problems or inquiries that you might have.

Choose whatever method is easiest for you any time you have a question — Phone, Email, or Online Ticket. We’re happy to help!

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