Online Reviews Stressing You Out?

powerfullIt happens to every veterinary clinic at some point. A client will have a negative experience and will then take to the internet to voice their opinions, often in an angry tone.

Those reviews don’t often tell the whole story, but they are still damaging to your online reputation. New clients can be lost because of what is written about your animal hospital online, and that’s something that all veterinary health professionals need to take seriously.

Unfortunately, the world of online reviews is often overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Who has the time to keep up with Yelp, Google, Facebook, and all the other places reviews might be posted? Chances are no one at your clinic has that kind of free time on their hands.

That’s why Doctor Multimedia offers a complete review tracking solution. We enable you to receive email notifications when a review of your clinic is posted on any of over 50 different review sites. Not only do you see your reviews before anyone else, you can respond to them immediately instead of letting bad reviews go unnoticed.

We also give you a macro view of your online reputation. A simple dashboard shows you insights on all of your veterinary hospital’s reviews across every review site, while also allowing you to directly interact with reviews and members on those websites. You can find out where your reviews are coming from, track them over time, and even learn what your aggregate reputation score is to see where your clinic’s online reputation ranks.

It’s our goal to give veterinarians the tools and insights that put you in control of your online reputation. With the way internet review websites are evolving, this is something that every veterinarian could use.

Want to learn more about our review tracking program? Contact us today at 1-800-605-6987.

AJ Thakore
AJ Thakore
AJ Thakore is the founder and CEO of Doctor Multimedia and Local Clicks, two leading digital marketing agencies.Having grown up around doctors, AJ developed a unique understanding of what medical professionals need to help them run their practice and their business. AJ turned that expertise into Doctor Multimedia, the leading digital marketing agency in the medical industry. AJ helps doctors and practice owners navigate the digital marketing landscape, helping them market their business in areas they have little understanding or training.AJ's passion for digital marketing turned into Doctor Multimedia around 2009, when he helped a friend market his medical practice in the Las Vegas area. The success of AJ's digital marketing plans and the instant results attracted practice owners from all over the country. AJ has guided Doctor Multimedia from one client to a full fledged digital marketing agency that helps thousands of practices daily.

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