The Value of a Powerful Social Media Solution

This kitten was removed from within a pet owner's car

This kitten was removed from within a car with help from social media.

Social media is about more than just likes, shares, and page views. There are real world implications of having a truly powerful social media solution like Doctor Multimedia provides.

Take this example of a Doctor Multimedia client who was contacted via facebook after closing. A pet owner in their community encountered a cat that crawled inside the dashboard of her car.

While still at a parking lot, this pet owner contacted the local animal hospital via facebook asking for help with the situation. Within minutes, the Doctor Multimedia Facebook team not only responded and alerted the hospital, but was also able to get the pet owner in touch with a local fire department so that the cat could be safely extracted.

Fortunately, the fire department was able to remove the cat unharmed.

Keep in mind that all of this happened while the hospital was closed and no employees were available. Yet Doctor Multimedia’s social media team was able to communicate with the pet owner, creating a hospital-client relationship while also potentially saving a cat’s life.

Can your social media do the same for your hospital? Contact us today at 1-800-605-6987 to learn more about how Doctor Multimedia can help you.

AJ Thakore
AJ Thakore
AJ Thakore is the founder and CEO of Doctor Multimedia and Local Clicks, two leading digital marketing agencies.Having grown up around doctors, AJ developed a unique understanding of what medical professionals need to help them run their practice and their business. AJ turned that expertise into Doctor Multimedia, the leading digital marketing agency in the medical industry. AJ helps doctors and practice owners navigate the digital marketing landscape, helping them market their business in areas they have little understanding or training.AJ's passion for digital marketing turned into Doctor Multimedia around 2009, when he helped a friend market his medical practice in the Las Vegas area. The success of AJ's digital marketing plans and the instant results attracted practice owners from all over the country. AJ has guided Doctor Multimedia from one client to a full fledged digital marketing agency that helps thousands of practices daily.

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