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If you are reading this, you are likely interested in exploring ways to improve your medical practice. We know you will be satisfied if you choose us as your online marketing solution.
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About Doctor Multimedia

We’re a team of energetic, young professionals that share a love for dogs, beaches, sunshine, and digital marketing.

Based in beautiful San Diego, with offices just minutes away from Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, we spend each day helping doctors build and grow their practices online. 

We’re successful for one simple reason: no one can outwork us. At most, they can do the same, but they can’t do more. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We do it out of passion, and because that’s when our clients need help. We do it because your website doesn’t stop working and neither do we. We do it because we’ve intertwined work and life in a way that we never want to stop.

We love our work and we love our community. We understand what it means to be a local business. We eat at local restaurants (love The Fishery), support the local teams (let’s go Gulls), enjoy the local art (check out Aaron Chang), and most importantly, adopt local pets (say hi to Wally).

We have graphic designers, WordPress developers, social media masters, content creators, SEO wizards, IT problem solvers, marketing gurus, and all around ninjas ready to help your medical practice thrive and grow.


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    Las Vegas

  • Doctor Multimedia – San Diego, CA

    San Diego

Our Story

We grew up around doctors. We grew up with the internet. And now we make a living helping doctors with the internet.

The three founders of Doctor Multimedia grew up surrounded by doctors. Our parents were doctors, their friends were doctors, our friends became doctors. There was no escaping talks of medical school or residency.

But while our friends were learning biology and chemistry, we were experimenting with the internet. Instead of studying for the MCAT, we built websites, created content, and explored social media.

When our friends took out loans for medical school, we sank every dollar we had into what would turn out to be our calling. We didn’t consider it a business at the time, it’s just what we did in our spare time.

We realized early on that doctors received little business training; many of them woke up one day and owned a business. No matter how well versed in science, hardly any of them had any marketing experience, especially when it came to the internet.

So we used our intimate knowledge of medical practices and the personalities of doctors to found Doctor Multimedia, a digital marketing agency dedicated exclusively to helping doctors make sense of the internet and online marketing. What started as a hobby turned into what we were good at. What we were good at turned into what we were successful at. And what we were successful at turned into a life beyond anything we ever dreamed of.

Long before our official name and corporate papers, we helped one doctor in Las Vegas market his practice as a favor. Now, we help thousands of medical practices daily.