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Attract New Clients, Reward Current Ones

Attract New Clients, Reward Current Ones

May 11, 2014 By Practice Growth Pras

new-client2-300x213Every veterinary hospital has to address the issue of gaining new clients in order to maintain a sustainable practice. In order to run a healthy clinic, you need a constant stream of new clientele even if you have a strong base already. Having a good veterinary website is a good start, but there’s more you can do.

But how do you attract those new clients? Luckily the era of digital marketing affords veterinary hospitals an inexpensive and effective way of doing so. Leverage your social media pages by offering new client offers, anything from a free exam for new clients to a discount on services or products for them. That alone could be the edge you need in attracting that client to your animal clinic over a competitor.

But don’t just use your social media to focus on bringing in new clients, use it to enhance your relationship with your current clients as well! You could add a line to your new client special that offers an incentive to current clients who refer new ones to you. That way you are increasing the reach of your new client offer while rewarding your loyal clients for bringing them to you!

referall-card-300x206That’s just one simple way you can leverage your social media page to help you run a better veterinary hospital. Of course, the constant process of conceiving and executing those ideas can be a time consuming effort for any animal health professional, taking time away from what you are really there to do — help animals. If you want to learn more about how Doctor Multimedia can help your clinic, contact us today at (800) 679-3309.