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Instagram 101 For Doctors | Part 7: Instagram Ads

Instagram 101 For Doctors | Part 7: Instagram Ads

January 25, 2021 By Practice Growth Pras

Wondering how Instagram can be used for your Medical Practice? In today’s jam session Doctor Multimedia’s Co-founder & CFO, Pras Murthy (aka “Practice Growth Pras”), shares the basics of Instagram, what it is, and how it can grow your medical practice.

Instagram Ads are more popular with products but it can also be used to advertise services. If you didn’t already know, Facebook bought Instagram and now Instagram Ads are managed through Facebook Ads. Instagram Ads allows you to spend your specified budget to promote your content, Instagram profile, or even your medical practice’s website. Instagram/Facebook Ads are relatively affordable vs. other ad types, they help you target specific demographics, and they provide insights on what type of people liked or interacted with your ad.

This video is Part 7 of 10, so be sure to tune into our next videos for more Instagram Basics for Doctors.