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Are You Marketing Your Most Profitable Dental Service?

Are You Marketing Your Most Profitable Dental Service?

July 13, 2017 By Practice Growth Pras

When it comes to online marketing, prioritizing your most profitable dental services pays off. Spend your advertising dollars effectively, and bring in more high-dollar procedures. To increase the ROI on the hours you spend in the office, you’ll need to target the biggest revenue-gaining procedures. Then, you’ll need to boost your online reputation by promoting them.

Whitening Services

Teeth whitening services are incredibly profitable. They’re also incredibly marketable. Because they’re associated with quick, low-pain treatments, whitening services offer great returns when marketed online. Positive word-of-mouth recommendations precede providers who use the latest, greatest technologies. For a lot of practices, using a resource like Groupon can significantly expand reach.

Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

Next up is advanced cosmetic dentistry. Crowns and dental implants have received a number of advancements in recent years, and they offer astounding ROI opportunities. Fortunately, modern patient satisfaction with cosmetic dental implants is about 80 to 95 percent. Digital marketing works wonders when it promotes a high-success-rate procedure. Simply expanding these service options is enough. Why not back them with a solid marketing strategy to double, or even triple, your service output?

Root Canals

While root canals can be difficult to market, they’re the most profitable dentistry procedure. Modern root canal treatments have reduced associated pain to negligible levels, too. If you can market your workplace’s noninvasive, comfort-guaranteed root canal services, you’ll thrive in the online world. Plus, you’ll be a step ahead of leading competitors. Ask your patients what they think about root canal treatment, and engage them with real-time discussions on Facebook, via your website’s comment section or even in linked video comments.


Invisalign treatment, fitting, and upkeep is booming. A lot of adults are aware of the benefits associated with smile makeover investment. Understandably, dental providers have caught on. A well-managed aesthetic orthodontic treatment plan is incredibly marketable, and it can boost your ROI almost immediately. Often, patients who aren’t normally inclined to write a review are motivated by social media review opportunities. Who doesn’t like looking good? Incorporate patient experiences into your social media marketing strategy, and use Facebook and Instagram to promote your services.

Any service which promotes a patient’s looks and wellbeing can benefit from word-of-mouth marketing. In 2017, however, the words are being said online. By targeting your high-dollar procedures, you can organize an effective marketing plan which prioritizes the patient’s health, comfort and wellbeing. You can similarly present more services to more people. Running a solid Groupon promotion can secure more reviews and customers alike. If you’re prioritizing the patient’s interest, focus on output and expand your reach, your marketing campaign will pay off.

As a dental provider, your online reputation matters. Promoting painless procedures is a good start, but creating a positive campaign based upon great smiles is a long-lasting solution. If you offer advanced cosmetic services, you should use an advanced marketing strategy.