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Why Most Medical Logos Are Blue

Why Most Medical Logos Are Blue

July 20, 2017 By Practice Growth Pras

Healthcare is an essential commodity, but consumers have many choices when it comes to receiving this care. In order to attract patients, providers engage in marketing. One of the most important components of any marketing plan is the logo, which is an image consumers will associate with your practice. Although these logos differ from one provider to the next, they are often blue in color.

How Popular Is the Color Blue?

Even outside the field of medicine, blue is a popular color choice for logos. In fact, according to 99Designs, 53 percent of all brands use blue when creating their logos. 99Designs also reports that more than 80 percent of industry leading healthcare companies have logos that feature the color blue. Some of the most well-known brands with blue logos include McKesson, United Health Group and Amerisource Bergen.

Why Are Medical Logos Blue?

Every color in the rainbow inspires different feelings and communicates different qualities to the consumer. The color blue is typically associated with credibility, trust, knowledge, power, professionalism, cleanliness, calm and focus. Because all of these qualities are valued in the medical community, blue is the ideal choice for medical logos. In addition, because blue is already used so often by healthcare providers and other related organizations, consumers already associate it with the field of medicine.

What Other Colors Can Be Used?

When designing a logo for a medical practice or another type of healthcare organization, you can use any color you choose. In some cases, you may decide to stay with blue because it is a traditional, time-tested choice. However, in other cases, you may decide to use a different color to set yourself apart from competitors and inspire different feelings among consumers. Alternatively, you may decide to use another color in addition to blue to create a more unique logo for your business that captures the consumer’s eye. When choosing colors for a logo, it is important to select colors that complement each other well and communicate the qualities you want consumers to associate with your business. Some of the other colors commonly chosen for medical logos include:

  • Yellow – Communicates happiness, friendliness and cheer.
  • Green – Communicates growth, balance and freshness.
  • Black – Communicates secrecy, luxury and formality.
  • Gray – Communicates maturity, composure and impartiality.
  • Red – Communicates vigor, speed and passion.
  • Pink – Communicates warmth, nurture and softness.

Some of these colors may be more appropriate for providers in specific niches. For example, providers of women’s healthcare may be more likely to select the color pink to communicate warmth and femininity. Providers who treat children may select playful colors, such as green, red or yellow.

Making the Right Choice for Your Business

The design of your logo is one of the most important decisions you will make as a medical provider. The right logo design will draw consumers in, communicate your desired message, be easy to recognize and be memorable. Don’t be afraid to experiment with several designs before you make your final decision. If you want to make sure your logo is sending the right message, consider consulting a professional that can help you create a unique, effective design.