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New Client Center

New Client Center

January 17, 2015 By Practice Growth Pras

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 3.24.19 PMOne of the most important aspects of your veterinary hospital’s website is its ability to draw in and cater to new clients. Of course you need to balance the experience of new clients with that of existing clientele, but we at Doctor Multimedia have developed the best way to do that.

Our New Client Center has everything that a potential client would need, from information to forms to social media. Best of all, it’s all centrally located and easy to navigate.

The first and foremost information that new clients look for is contact numbers, hours, and prices. We have streamlined the process for potential clients who are viewing your website by putting all of this info front and center in our New Client Center. A user can even get directions or email the clinic with one click.

But we have taken the New Client Center a step further, allowing you to show special offers and pricing on the same page. We have thought of EVERYTHING that a new client would want to find out about your hospital, and made it easy to find for them.

There are even more features, like a virtual tour, new client forms, AAHA-Accredited symbol, maps, emergency care info, newsletter sign ups, as well as testimonials. Click here to view a real version of our New Client Center.

If your website isn’t drawing in new clients to your hospital, it’s not working properly. Contact Doctor Multimedia today at 1-800-605-6987 to learn how we can help enhance your veterinary clinic’s online presence.