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Social Media that Grows Your Clinic

Social Media that Grows Your Clinic

April 23, 2015 By Practice Growth Pras

10382167_10203320845936995_8923396330588626590_nMost veterinary health professionals don’t understand the true power of social media. Leveraging social media to your clinic’s advantage is about much more than setting up a page on Facebook, it’s about knowing what to do with it.

Every veterinary hospital should be engaging their clients through their social media channels, but few of them are. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest allow us to dialogue with our clients in ways never possible before. With a few taps of your phone or laptop, a conversation can be started with any of your clients no matter where they are or what time it is.

Doctor Multimedia knows how to use social media to grow your practice. Engaging content that encourages client interaction is the lifeblood of any business’ social media, and that’s exactly what we seek to provide.

Take our “Selfie Contest” post for example, which simply asks followers to post pictures of themselves and their pets. The overwhelming response is not only a fun way for clients to interact with your hospital, it helps develop relationships and the community aspect of your clinic while promoting your business.

Click here to check out some of the selfies posted by our followers and call us today at 1-800-605-6987 if you want to talk about your hospital’s website, social media, and online presence.