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The Vet Life Starts 3rd Season With Hurricane Harvey Special

The Vet Life Starts 3rd Season With Hurricane Harvey Special

January 18, 2018 By Practice Growth Pras

Long time Doctor Multimedia client Cy-Fair Animal Hospital is led by the the three stars of Animal Planet’s reality television show “The Vet Life.” The show chronicles Dr. Diarra Blue, Dr. Michael Lavigne, and Dr. Aubrey Ross as they run a full-service hospital and animal shelter while managing family lives filled with spouses, parents, in-laws, children, pets and friends.

Doctor Multimedia worked with Dr. Blue and Dr. Lavigne as far back as their days practicing in Las Vegas. When the doctors moved to Houston, Doctor Multimedia handled the launch of their website and social media.

The Vet Life just kicked off their third season on television, with the premier episode focusing on the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The storm flooded Houston last August, affecting hundreds of thousands of homes. Any time homeowners are displaced, pets are tragically affected. Many are lost or abandoned, and many fall sick or die from the horrible conditions. The last episode of “The Vet Life” documented Cy-Fair’s opening after the hurricane and the remarkable relief efforts of local veterinarians.

Doctor Multimedia would like to congratulate our long time friends Dr. Blue, Dr. Lavigne, and Dr. Ross and their entire staff on their efforts to help their community in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Check out the next episode of The Vet Life this Saturday, January 20th at 10 pm EST.