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Veterinarians, Dont Give Up on Online Reviews

Veterinarians, Dont Give Up on Online Reviews

April 26, 2014 By Practice Growth Pras

dashboardToo many veterinarians make the mistake of giving up on online reviews. They either get a few bad reviews they can’t shake, can’t manage all the accounts and review sites, or simply don’t have the time for it. If your veterinary hospital isn’t managing online reviews, you are probably losing business because of it.

Don’t let that happen to you. Take a proactive approach to online reviews by staying up to date with all the reviews on all the major review sites. It can be a little bit overwhelming at first, but it’s a necessary part of advertising today and it yields real results. Read your reviews and respond quickly to them — a quick response can often turn a customer’s negative review positive, or at least help alleviate the issue they had so they don’t leave more bad reviews on other sites. And thank your customers for leaving positive reviews about their experiences, they may be more inclined to do so again in the future!

A lot of times a client will have a negative experience with your clinic and feel like the online review is their only resort for satisfaction. If you never respond to these reviews, even one bad review can shape the way prospective clients look at your hospital.

chartBut there’s more you can do. Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews for you and give them simple step by step guides on how to do so. Most people only feel compelled to leave a review when they have a negative experience, but you could have a lot of happy clients that are willing to leave you a positive review — you just have to ask them!

Pet owners take online reviews seriously when looking for a veterinarian to provide health care for their pet. Even a great veterinary hospital can get a bad review now and then, and they can be damaging if not dealt with properly. If you need help managing your veterinary clinic’s online reviews, please don’t hesitate to contact Doctor Multimedia today for a free consultation.