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iMatrix Allowing Stevie Esparza To Perpetuate Racist Stereotypes

iMatrix Allowing Stevie Esparza To Perpetuate Racist Stereotypes

February 21, 2018 By Practice Growth Pras

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To Stevie Esparza and The Employees of iMatrix:

It has come to my attention that Stevie Esparza and iMatrix are making the following claims about my company, Doctor Multimedia. Specifically, on February 13, 2018 at approximately 11:00 a.m. Stevie Esparza said the following to a prospective client on the phone. Given that this information is being circulated around the medical community, I want to be sure address the following inaccurate statements:

Lie #1. Doctor Multimedia outsources all work to India. Stevie emphasized this was “100% fact.”

We do not have a single employee, freelancer, or contractor in India. But, what is worse is the fact that these racist claims are based upon that I, along with my two business partners, are Indian. Marcus Sullivan at VetMatrix made similar prejudicial claims four years ago when he said our phone calls “go to a call center in India,” and clearly the racist rhetoric at iMatrix has not stopped. iMatrix allows its employees to perpetuate racist stereotypes.

Despite the fact that Doctor Multimedia owners: (1) were born and raised in the United States; (2) do not have accents; and (3) are successful in this country, iMatrix continues to appeal to fear based solely on skin color. This is an insult not only to us, but to our happy employees that travel every day to our beautiful office in La Jolla.

Lie # 2. Doctor Multimedia was started by people that were fired from iMatrix.

Neither my business partners nor I have never worked, or would even consider, working at iMatrix. We spent over 4 years building this company on our own before hiring a former iMatrix employee. As you know, he was not fired.  He quit after seeing how much more we pay. There is not a single person within our company that iMatrix ever fired. Rather, they all left iMatrix voluntarily.

Lie # 3. The CEO of Doctor Multimedia is a trust fund kid.

I am from a middle-class family. Both of my parents immigrated from India with no money. My dad was a textile chemist while my mom taught special education. My parents could not afford my college education. I paid for that myself. You might assume all Indian parents in this country are doctors, but that is not the case. Everything I have, I earned myself.

Lie # 4. Doctor Multimedia doesn’t have any employees.

More racist claims based on fear of outsourcing. We have employees registered in California, Nevada, and Texas. We had to move our San Diego offices, twice, to keep up with our growth and we are looking to move again.

Lie # 5. All Doctor Multimedia’s reviews are written by employees.

This is confusing considering Stevie does not think we have any employees, but we have 255 Google Reviews and 64 Facebook Reviews. We are the highest rated medical marketing company because our products and services are superior to yours.

Lie # 6. Doctor Multimedia is not allowed at conferences by the Florida Chiropractic Association or allowed to exhibit at Life University or contact any Life University graduates.

We attended past conferences put on by both organizations and will continue to attend said conferences. The director of Life University, Mark Elam, personally invited us to attend their upcoming meeting.

Lie # 7. Doctor Multimedia has signed 33 clients from ChiroMatrix and 11 have switched back.

Hundreds of iMatrix clients have joined Doctor Multimedia over the last sixty (60) days.

Lie # 8. Website edits and changes have to be communicated through your sales representative. Access is not given to the back end of the website.

We offer twenty-four-hour (24) customer service by phone, text, and email. The owners of the company regularly answer the phone lines to ensure our customers receive the highest level of service. We provide our clients with the same website access we have.  Clients own their respective websites and have complete control over said websites. Additionally, we provide FTP and CPanel access.

Lie # 9. Only two employees that used to work at iMatrix still work at Doctor Multimedia. One is Steven Marinkovich and the other is Troy Leonard. Steven Marinkovich was fired from iMatrix after they could no longer send him to conferences. He was banned from Uber and Lyft. Troy Leonard no longer attends conferences.

Steven Marinkovich was never banned from Uber or Lyft. Steven Marinkovich resigned from iMatrix and attended shows until his resignation. Troy Leonard resigned after iMatrix did not match what we offered to pay him. He attends conferences weekly, which our clients can attest to. Michael Chavez works for us as well.

Lie # 10. Doctor Multimedia owns client’s domain names.

We inform every one of our clients that they should own their respective domain names and offer management for those customers who want us to handle it because they trust us.

Lie # 11. All of Doctor Multimedia’s clients are in the veterinary field. 

We have many clients who are dentists, optometrists, general practitioners, and now chiropractors.

Lie # 12. DVM Multimedia changed their name to Doctor Multimedia in order stay in business.

We changed our name to Doctor Multimedia to service more doctors and provide more marketing solutions to the medical industry.

Lie # 13. iMatrix uses HTML 5 and Doctor Multimedia uses HTML 3, which means iMatrix sites rank higher in search engines.

As internet marketers you should know how absurd this sounds. Doctor Multimedia uses HTML 5.

We are issuing this notice to put iMatrix employees on notice. iMatrix needs to watch what it says about us. Our clients advise us that iMatrix is holding their clinics hostage when they try to leave. We advise our clients to take notes to document how frustrating and long the iMatrix cancellation process can take.

We have happy, satisfied clients and that alone produces more business than your scare tactics ever will.  Please stop spreading racially insensitive remarks and lies about Doctor Multimedia.