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Email Marketing

Email Marketing ensures that your patients are able to stay up-to-date on your practice.

Email Marketing

According to Salesforce’s 2016 State of Marketing Report, “80 percent of marketers agree that email is core to their business.”

Email Marketing ensures that your patients are able to stay up-to-date on your practice. Do the words MailChimp, ConvertKit, Aweber, and more sound like a foreign language to you?

That is where the trustworthy team of skilled email marketing professionals at Doctor Multimedia step in and help you turn that loyal following into an email list.

If you don’t know the importance of email marketing, here are
a few reasons why it can make or break your business:

Email Marketing – Return on Investment

Email pays for itself, and then some.

Working email marketing into your content creation plan is well worth the time spent and the resources used. According to the Direct Marketing Association via OutboundEngine, “Email marketing yields an average 4,300 percent return on investment for businesses in the United States.”

Another reputable brand in the email marketing world, Forrester Research, found that “companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50 percent more sales ready leads at 33 percent lower cost.” Many big players in email marketing say that their email rates are a direct line to their primary sales.

Relevant Email Marketing

Email is still relevant.

Today, your email approach has to demonstrate a deep understanding and respect of your audience and their needs, with stunning visuals and irresistible subject lines.

Establishing camaraderie and friendship with your email list keeps them subscribed, and adds to your open and click through rates. As of 2017, ninety-one percent of all US consumers still use email daily, and the numbers are expected to grow.

Email creates a great
relationship with your patients.

You create content to relate to your clients and make your services a valuable part of their lives.

According to McKinsey and Company, email far surpasses the social media giants where generating customers is concerned. In fact, it’s 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter.

That might be surprising, considering the number of people who actively engage on social media on a daily basis, but email facilitates a quieter, less distracting, and most importantly, a safe and friendly environment to discuss services.

With marketing changing by the hour, it is crucial that your brand keeps up with fresh, relevant, engaging content.

This includes email that brings readers back time and time again. Brands that take the time to get to know their readers will have the upper hand. At Doctor Multimedia, our Email Marketing is handled by a specialized team! Not savvy with headlines and subject lines that your email recipient can’t help but click? Maybe you aren’t great with graphics or photography that catches the eye and causes your prospective client to click that link to your site? The team at Doctor Multimedia is! We want to help your practice boom using email marketing.

You will always feel well taken care of when you are with Doctor Multimedia.

The team at Doctor Multimedia offers packages based on your company’s individual needs and budget. We will provide every tool so that your email marketing is professional, engaging, and effective.

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