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Bundle and Save on Telemedicine

Bundle and Save on Telemedicine

August 16, 2020 By Practice Growth Pras

shutterstock_673566343It’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to providing your patients with the best possible care. Telemedicine allows you to connect with your community regardless of their ability to visit you in person.

Worried about cost? You shouldn’t be. The opportunities provided by telemedicine more than make up for the minimal investment it takes to set the service up. Sign up with Doctor Multimedia to begin providing your clients with telemedicine today.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Virtual Consultations​: Provide live video consultations that you can bill for while you & your staff work remotely.

Live Chat​: Stay in touch with your patients and communicate with visitors to your website to book more consults.

24/7 Support; Contact us with any questions and we’ll send a personal reply.

No Contract:​ We bill month to month with no contract so you can stay in control of your service as your needs evolve.

Online Payments:​ Accept payments through your website to allow for proper social distance and limit your staff’s exposure.

Online Scheduling: Allows patients to book a time right through your website, and even collect payment at the time of booking.

Slack: Communicate with your staff using the most efficient and trusted business tool in the world.

Nextdoor: Stay in touch with your neighborhood and community using the fastest growing communication tool for neighbors.

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