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Doctor Multimedia Sends Employees to Spain

Doctor Multimedia Sends Employees to Spain

March 13, 2018 By Practice Growth Pras

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At Doctor Multimedia, we pride ourselves in giving our employees a great place to work. But we realize that our company is not just based on great service and products, instead it is built on the people that help provide them to our clients.

We are always looking for ways to reward our employees, whether with free lunches, gifts, or in the case of two special employees, a trip anywhere in the world!

Ashley and Ryan Mann have been with Doctor Multimedia for years, dedicating countless hours to their jobs. They both take a great deal of pride in what they do and have been going above and beyond for their entire time with us. They have also both seen the company continue to grow, and they have been instrumental in that.

That is why Doctor Multimedia’s CEO, AJ Thakore, decided to reward them in a way that no other company does. Knowing that they love to travel, he offered them a once in a lifetime chance to visit any country in the world!

As fans of beaches, tapas, and culture, Ashley and Ryan decided to spend their vacation touring Spain.

We would like to thank Ashley and Ryan for their hard work and we hope they enjoy their time abroad!