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Don’t Get Beat Up By Bad Reviews

Don’t Get Beat Up By Bad Reviews

July 24, 2014 By Practice Growth Pras

clientsEvery veterinary hospital has experienced it at some point. Inevitably, you have to deal with an angry client who wants to shout about how they perceive they’ve been wronged — often without presenting the whole story.

The main weapon of choice for these clients: the bad review.

Lingering negative reviews hurt. And the longer you wait to respond to them, the greater the chance your reputation is damaged. Unfortunately this happens every day to clinics all over the country.

This Is How We Help
Doctor Multimedia takes your online reputation seriously. That starts with our review tracking software, which provides email notifications for new reviews across all the major websites (plus much, much more).

powerfullThe first step is to promptly respond to the negative review in an effort to reconcile the situation while presenting your side of the story to other readers. This is the best way to prevent that client from leaving more negative reviews on other websites. All of that can be done through our review tracking software dashboard, no matter what site the review is on.

But that’s not nearly enough. Your clinic does incredible work for animals and people every day, most of which isn’t posted on review sites. But people should be able to see that too, shouldn’t they? In reality, bad experiences with clients are far outnumbered by the good ones. Yet bad reviews seem to account for a disproportionately high percentage of the actual reviews left. It’s a frustrating situation.

The problem is that people aren’t inclined to leave reviews when they get good service. They go home happy and return as satisfied clients, but for many people the thought of leaving a review doesn’t even occur.

That’s not good enough for us, we want to access that untapped potential. There are so many satisfied clients who would gladly leave you a glowing review — all you have to do is ask!

emailStart by handing out our instructions on how to leave reviews at your clinic and send them home with people. You’d be surprised how many good reviews come in. Better yet, send out an email newsletter, making it even simpler for clients to complete the review process while already on their computer.

You can also incentivize clients to leave reviews with small promotional offers. A $5 credit or nail trim for leaving a review is a great way to show your appreciation and motivate clients to leave you reviews. Please note that we never ask clients specifically for positive reviews, instead we simply ask for their feedback.

Like we said before, Doctor Multimedia is serious about your reputation. Chances are your hospital could use a boost with online reviews, so contact us to discuss a plan of action for your hospital.