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iMatrix Receives 20th Complaint/Bad Review With Better Business Bureau

iMatrix Receives 20th Complaint/Bad Review With Better Business Bureau

April 26, 2018 By Practice Growth Pras


“They are just a terrible company with terrible customer service. High pressure sales with no follow through.”

Many of our clients have informed us that they are repeatedly being contacted by a company named iMatrix (also known as VetMatrix, ChiroMatrix, etc.) with offers of a “special deal” and “no contract.” We have been informing those clients as to iMatrix’s poor reputation, but due to the increasing frequency of these questions, we feel the need to let all of our clients know that iMatrix just received their 20th complaint/bad review with the Better Business Bureau. Many of their complaints specifically reference the “special deal” they are offering:

“I call to cancel, and although I was told on NO UNCERTAIN terms that there are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and that we can cancel anytime, I learned today that there is a contract… Now we are being charged for another 30 days for a website that we never liked, that never did a fraction of a fraction what they said it would do for us, even after giving them a year! I have to pay them for another month and the website was taken down days ago! I was not happy, to say the least. The person I spoke with said that it’s term 22 in the terms agreement. Which I did look over, but trusted the sales rep when he said that there is no contract, cancel anytime, etc… This company has been very misleading and has cost us a lot of time and money!” Brian W., 3/12/2018

“They agreed to build me a new website. The first month would cost me $49.50. The company automatically billed my credit card for $99.00 on 3/27/17 then emailed me a bill for $99.00. I didn’t know they had automatically billed my credit card so I mailed them a check for $99.00 on 3/28/17.”

As business owners, we all know that unhappy clients don’t immediately turn to the Better Business Bureau. Busy people, especially doctors, always try to resolve their issue directly with the company first. Only after repeated failed attempts do people turn to the Better Business Bureau, figuring they have nowhere else to turn.

So for a company to have 20 such complaints/bad reviews, without a single positive review with the BBB, proves the misleading nature of what they are promising. For every BBB complaint, there are hundreds of other doctors with similar frustrations and issues.

Specifically, iMatrix has been making it extremely difficult for doctors to cancel their services. They are requiring that doctors submit a survey, answer unscheduled calls, and send along domain information before they release clients from their contracts.

“My problems with this business began when I tried to discontinue my service. I called a month before my service renewed. They asked me to fill out a form for each of my businesses which I did. I was under the impression that this was all I needed to do. Then I got a bill for service. I called and they told me I needed to respond to some email they sent me and that the forms I filled out had expired. Now I am suppose to go back and re fill out the forms and re start the process. It is taking and act of God just to discontinue the service. Meanwhile I have been charged for services I didn’t even want. I would not even start with them because of the numerous tasks that have to be done just to discontinue the service. It is just not worth it.” Shane P., 2/16/18

We offer this information as a warning to our doctors to research companies that solicit them, especially those offering “discount” pricing over the phone. There is almost alway a cost to these discounts. For too many iMatrix clients, that has been billing headaches four months after they sign up, at which point it is too late to easily change their website.

In the world of internet companies, there is no other word for these practices than “scam.” Here are just a few samples from complaints filed with the BBB:

“What I was told/sold is not what we received. Our sales rep sold us a wonder product designed to generate leads and put us higher on organic searches, this was going to solve our problems as a small business.”

“We were lied to and ignored and have not received what we paid for.”

“This entire time we were paying $99 a month to SELF Maintain our website!! All they did was slap up a sub-par website, no SEO, no new info to rank in google, that was all up to the us for $99 a month!! RIP OFF!!…Then when we canceled our account they also canceled our domain registration and made it more difficult to move to a new company..They are just a terrible company with terrible customer service, High Pressure sales with no follow through.” Candice L., 2/16/18

“This is the worst company to sign up with for SEO and website design. Our sales person promised us a working website with a month, so we signed up. 3 months into the process, our website was not done or live. When we requested it be a live site, there were several problems. Wrong contact information, missing information, generic content and even a Doctor listed as an authorized user who has no affiliation with our practice! When we decided to switch website design companies, iMatrix said all we would need to do was contact the domain registration company and have the info transferred over. It’s been 2 months since we’ve canceled with iMatrix and according to the domain registration company, they have yet to release our domain. Save yourself the trouble and use a different company!! I am only giving them 1 start because I cannot give them less!” Paul C., 12/11/17

“Every time I actually do speak to someone, which is rare, I am told that a manager will call me, which…doesn’t happen or they have to review what happened and then get back to me, which still doesn’t happen. Needless to say the customer service is non-existent and extremely poor.”

“We have been promised the refund and have not received it. We have been promised…that we would receive returned phone calls on multiple occasions and have yet to receive one. Now no one is answering our calls at all.”

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