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PageSpeed Can Affect Your Search Ranking

PageSpeed Can Affect Your Search Ranking

August 28, 2018 By Practice Growth Pras

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You’ve probably heard a lot about how a website’s loading time is becoming more and more important in the world of search engine rankings. But what exactly does that mean?

PageSpeed is a tool available through Google Analytics that provides a metric for how fast a website loads. With Google’s ever changing search algorithm, SEO experts are pointing out that low PageSpeed scores could negatively affect your website’s status in the search results.

While there are guides to the various technical ways to increase your website’s page speed, much of that is inaccessible to the average medical health professional. Unfortunately, people in the health industry don’t have time to sift through the technical jargon to figure out if their website is loading as fast as it should.

But that’s where Doctor Multimedia can help! We make sure our websites are optimized to load quickly and efficiently. We also stay ahead of the latest trends in search engine optimization and website development so that you don’t have to worry about it!

Don’t let your website fall in the search results because you don’t have the time to invest in learning the constantly evolving world of search engine optimization. Call us today at 800-679-3309 for a free consultation.