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podcast Episode 2

Episode 2, Owning A Practice + Running A Business

In this episode Pras explains the difference between owning a practice and running a business. Pras explores the mindset of each and the effect that has on an organization. Pras also visits with Dr. Brandon Barrett, owner of the very successful Community Veterinary Clinic. Finally, Pras shares a great thought experiment to train yourself as a business owner.

podcast Episode 1

Episode 1, The Beginning of Doctor Multimedia

Pras explains how the three founders of Doctor Multimedia grew up surrounded by doctors. They realized early on that doctors received little business training. No matter how well versed in science, hardly any of them had any marketing experience, especially when it came to the internet.

So Pras and his partners used their intimate knowledge of medical practices and the personalities of doctors to found Doctor Multimedia, a digital marketing agency dedicated exclusively to helping doctors make sense of the internet and online marketing. Long before their official name and corporate papers, they helped one doctor in Las Vegas market his practice as a favor. Now, they help thousands of medical practices daily.

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