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podcast Episode 6

Episode 6, Ways To Increase your Google Reviews

In this episode, Doctor Multimedia’s Co-founder & CFO, Pras Murthy, shares very simple yet effective tips to increase Google Reviews for your business through incentives, poster boards, emails, and Social Media. Tune in to learn some very effective strategies to increase your number of Google Reviews and boost your SEO.

podcast Episode 5

Episode 5, Strategies to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Are your social media channels for your medical practice not receiving enough engagement? Doctor Multimedia’s CFO and Co-founder, Pras Murthy (aka Practice Growth Pras), shares his 5 Proven Strategies to increase social media engagement.

If you still have any questions on how much to invest into Google Ads to help put your medical practice or business on the map, visit our website below!

podcast Episode 4

Episode 4, Marketing Trends to Implement into your practice

Doctor Multimedia’s CFO and Co-founder, Pras Murthy, discusses the difference between owning a medical practice and running a business in today’s video. You don’t only have to measure the growth of your medical practice with dollars or by your profit margins but there are other metrics you can use to measure growth such as amount of new patients, etc.

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podcast Episode 3

Episode 3, 5 Steps to Drive Traffic to Your Website

In today’s Practice Growth with Pras Podcast, Doctor Multimedia’s Co-founder & CFO, Pras Murthy, discusses the 5 steps you should take to drive traffic your medical practice’s website once it’s live.

podcast Episode 2

Episode 2, Owning A Practice + Running A Business

In this episode Pras explains the difference between owning a practice and running a business. Pras explores the mindset of each and the effect that has on an organization. Pras also visits with Dr. Brandon Barrett, owner of the very successful Community Veterinary Clinic. Finally, Pras shares a great thought experiment to train yourself as a business owner.