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Supporting Canine Cancer Foundations

Supporting Canine Cancer Foundations

September 30, 2014 By Practice Growth Pras

BaylaAnnWe are happy to lend a hand in the fight against canine cancer through the support of foundations working for awareness, education, and research. Doctor Multimedia recently partnered with the BaylaAnn Canine Cancer Organization, a group that helps owners deal with the financial burden of cancer treatments.

The BaylaAnn Canine Cancer Organization was founded by Sonny Kennedy with the help and support of his wife and co-founder, Bonnylee Kennedy, in honor of their American Pit Bulldog name BaylaAnn. She was diagnosed with T-Cell lymphoma at the age of four on August 7th, 2013. Because of Bonnylee’s employer, they had the opportunity to treat BaylaAnn, where other owners may not have the ability or opportunity to treat their dog simply due to the cost of treatment.

The BaylaAnn Canine Cancer Organization was begun as a way to “Pay It Forward” by raising funds to assist owners with the financial cost of cancer treatments. The organization would like to give canine owners the opportunity to treat their canine when the would otherwise be unable to. Many owners will go to great lengths to be able to give their dog the best care they can afford, but sometimes, they have to decline cancer treatments due to financial constraints. The BaylaAnn Canine Cancer Organization helps alleviate this problem.

Visit The BaylaAnn Canine Cancer Organization by clicking here.