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Pay Online with Doctor Multimedia SafePay

Pay Online with Doctor Multimedia SafePay

June 14, 2020 By Practice Growth Pras

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware of the dramatic changes to our lives in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To put it bluntly, businesses have been devastated.

It would be easy to feel defeated, after all, no business owner could have envisioned how coronavirus would change the global economy. But here at Doctor Multimedia, we don’t stay on the mat when we get knocked down, and neither do our clients. That’s why we are empowering medical health professionals with new tools to help them navigate this unprecedented time.

One of those tools is Doctor Multimedia SafePay, a way for you to take payments digitally. This ensures the safety of your staff and those they care for by eliminating the handling of money and the close interaction usually required for those transactions. This is one way you can promote social distancing while still bringing in revenue.

Through a partnership with PayPal, we have created a tool that can help your business stay afloat during tough times. Are you adapting by offering curbside services, or online orders? Doctor Multimedia SafePay can help you streamline those processes!

In the video below, Doctor Multimedia Co-Founder Pras Murthy provides clarity on how and why this tool can help you elevate your business while keeping your community safe.

Some of the benefits of Doctor Multimedia SafePay include:

• Your customers don’t need a PayPal account
• Signup is fast and setup is easy
• Clear pricing, no hidden fees – Click for fee details

In today’s world, patients do not want to touch screens or key pads, and they don’t want to hand their credit card to a stranger. They definitely don’t want to use a pen to sign a receipt that everyone else has used. Your patients are on edge about exposing themselves and they want to keep a safe distance and not touch any surfaces. SafePay allows them to pay from their phone or from their home, but more importantly it eases their anxieties — making them more likely to use your services.

The world is changing quickly and online payments are here to stay. SafePay is free for your customers to make a purchase and they don’t even need a PayPal account. With our built-in mobile checkout, your smart phone customers will be happy too. Bring your practice into the 21st Century with SafePay, contact us at 800-679-3309 or click here to learn more.