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Veterinarians Beware! Domain Name Scam

Veterinarians Beware! Domain Name Scam

July 6, 2016 By Practice Growth Pras

slideVeterinarians and practice managers should be aware of a scam that is targeting many businesses, including animal hospitals. You may have received a notification in the mail informing you that your website domain name is expired and needs renewing from a company named iDNS (Internet Domain Name Services). The notification may seem like it is coming from your current domain provider, reminding you to make a payment to renew your service.

However, this notification actually transfers ownership of the domain name to iDNS, at which point they begin to charge you higher rates. The wording of the notification can be confusing to people, potentially misleading them into believing they are making a payment to their current domain provider when they are actually switching to a new provider.

If you receive one of these notifications, you can ignore it. Typically your domain name provider will communicate with you via email rather than the postal service. If you have any questions about your domain name, contact your registrar directly.