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The Top 5 Tips for Increasing Conversions on Your Plastic Surgery Website

The Top 5 Tips for Increasing Conversions on Your Plastic Surgery Website

May 18, 2017 By Practice Growth Pras

Plastic Surgery Website Marketing Tips - Website MarketingNobody would skimp on plastic surgery, given the stakes … which means, if you want to convince people to work with you in this competitive industry, you can’t skimp either. Instead, you have to make the most of your plastic surgery website to ensure maximum conversions and a booming business. Here are 5 leading ways to do it.

1. Make It Beautiful

Plastic surgery has two main angles: augmenting the body for purely beauty-related purposes, and reconstructing it after accident or surgery. Either way, people want to look better. How do you convince them you can help? By showing you have taste, an endeavor in which your website plays an integral role. It must be gorgeous, so hire a designer stat.

2. Use the Highest-Quality Photos You Can Find

Again, beauty is your highest good on a plastic surgery site, and a lovely website theme isn’t enough. That beauty must extend to people as well. How? With utterly gorgeous imagery of people and specific body parts, all tastefully done.

3. Use Video Liberally

Plastic surgery is a very people-oriented field. You can instill trust in your staff and confidence in your results by showcasing the real people who make your business thrive … but like photos, make sure that video is always of the highest quality.

4. Tell People What to DO

One of the most common reasons conversions fail? People are simply unsure what to DO. So tell them. “Download our guide,” “Sign up for a free consultation” or “Call us today” are all good options. Whatever the case, don’t leave it up to them to “figure it out,” because chances are good they won’t.

5. Keep Your Instructions Above the Fold

The “fold” is the line at the bottom of the screen, where you have to start scrolling to see more. If you want your instructions to lead to conversions, you have to keep them above the fold, or else most of your visitors will leave before they see them. That’s no good!

Increasing your conversions isn’t a matter of luck or brilliance, but simply hard work over time. Use these tips consistently and track your conversions over time to see what’s getting you the best results, then reinforce those strategies.

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