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How to Get Likes on Facebook

How to Get Likes on Facebook

June 24, 2014 By Practice Growth Pras

If you can’t get people to Like your Facebook page, then your social media presence is falling short of where it needs to be. But how do you get those Likes? It takes a dedicated effort, you can’t sit back and expect those numbers to keep going up significantly.

fb_icon_325x325-300x300The campaign to get more Likes should be taking place daily. Use targeted advertising to reach pet owners in the zip codes that your hospital serves, and make sure your design is appealing and offers a call to action. If you have no clue how to do that, you need someone on your team that does.

The content you post is a huge part of attracting page Likes. Post regularly, but make sure it’s not too often that followers get annoyed, and not too infrequently that people forget about you. Post content that encourages people to share with their friends, allowing your hospital to get exposure with the members of your community who haven’t Liked your page yet.

Post content that followers can’t get anywhere else — pictures of your hospital, staff, patients, etc. And when you post educational or fact based content, make sure it’s not too dry for the average reader. A few medical terms can turn off a Facebook user looking for something lighter. When it comes to client education, visual content is the most engaging. Do you have a graphic designer that can create custom flyers and other images? If you don’t, your Facebook page is missing a key component.

like-like-like-buuteeq-300x240Do you work closely with any animal shelters, groomers, trainers, or pet stores? Look up all the relevant businesses that might share clients or be able to send you new ones and reach out to them. You’d be surprised how a simple post on their page (or a little mutual promotion) can increase everyone’s Likes!

Above all, you want to engage your audience in a real way. Respond to people when they post on your page, like their posts, and do all the things that normal human beings do on Facebook. You need someone managing your page and doing all of those little things, every single day, even after hours. It’s not an easy job, and no one person at your clinic can do it all by themselves.

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