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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists

May 29, 2017 By Practice Growth Pras

Social Media Marketing for OrthodontistsSocial media marketing for orthodontic practices? Where to begin? Well, it’s actually easier than you think. Here are 10 top strategies to try today.

1. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups might not seem like an intuitive form of orthodontic marketing, but they are. Sharing your knowledge with industry professionals and customers is a great way to bring in business.

2. Instagram

Nothing brings people into an orthodontics practice like beautiful smiles, and a well-curated Instagram feed can do just that.

3. Snap, Snap, Snap

No, not Snapchat (though maybe that too?). This means, keep a camera on hand! That way, when those social-worthy candid moments occur, you’ll be ready.

4. Social Media Handouts

There’s no reason you can’t combine analogue with digital. Go ahead and hand out social media cards at your office, with every feed listed right on them.

5. Ask for Engagement

People like to do what they’re told … so tell them. In each social media post, ask for a comment, a like, a share or a follow. More often than you think, this works.

6. Don’t Forget Pinterest

Not just for party planning, Pinterest is a great way to round up interesting facts, blog posts and infographics. Show your expertise by curating your content and others’.

7. Branded Images

Nothing ties a social media marketing plan together like good branding. Where possible, use the same approach for Facebook and Twitter posts, blog title images, and your Instagram presence. If you don’t have a great designer on staff, sign up for Canva for Work for $12.95 per month.

8. Website-Wide Share Buttons

If your orthodontic website lacks share buttons, how can you expect people to … well … share? Make sure you’ve got them located in your top navigation bar and footer, at the bottom of each post and in sidebars.

9. Tweet Your Face Off

Twitter is all about constant connection, so share away: the good, the bad and (sparingly) the ugly.

10. Have Fun!

Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Oftentimes, people are just on social media to get a smile or a laugh, so give it to them and you’ll be surprised by the awesome results!